Saudi Lamino Co. is proud of being the first Saudi company in this field which started production in 1989. Recently, we are producing over (1500) different models of passenger vehicles, trucks, buses of different brands from japan, Europe, U.S.A. Korea and others, Saudi Lamino has gained experience from their former technical partner.

The company follows very strict quality control procedures.

The raw materials are imported from the major glass manufacturers in Europe, U.S.A., and japan with the finest automotive laminated quality. Even the P.V.B. is also imported from Europe. The company has imported the machines of latest technology. We also have the first laboratory with the most sophisticated testing equipment in the Kingdom and the Gulf.

The glass is checked carefully in each process to insure that only glass of the highest quality is shipped to clients. Presently, Saudi Lamino covers a high percentage of the Kingdom's market, GCC countries and other neighboring countries. Among our clients are most of windshield dealers and auto glass workshops all over the Kingdom and the Gulf, bus and truck manufacturing companies, transportation companies and others, Saudi Lamino also produces over 1200 different models of tempered glass for vehicles sidelites and backlites with heating elements.


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a glass which has been submitted to thermal treatment during which it has been heated to about 680 degrees and afterward cooled rapidly.

This process gives tempered glass its proportions of extra strength against breakage and extra resistance against heat. When an impact of a certain object penetrates the surface of the tempered glass the tension in the surface is released and the glass shatters into many small harmless pieces which will not endanger the lives of human being.

The thermal treatment can be obtained vertically, in this event one of the glass edges will show tong marks due to suspension. Thermal treatment also slightly influence the flatness of the glass within a tolerance of 2 to 3 mm/ 1m. the sizes themselves are also subject to a tolerance of (+ - ) 3mm.
In this regard, Saudi Lamino Co. Ltd. Is proud of having the most sophisticated tempering machine producing flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass as well as automotive backlites and sidelites of over 1200 different models.



Safety Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is bonding two layers or more glass using heat and pressure with one or more inter layers sheets of POLYVINYL BUTYRAL (P.V.B) The result is a though adaptable glazing material that offer outstanding features to meet a wide variety of design challenges. Laminated glass provides strength, duty, durability and clarity to meet design needs long lasting and versatile. It is the only glazing material that combines the strength of glass with thickness of plastic.

Depending on design needed laminated glass can be made with sheets of annealed, tempered, or heart strengthened glass. It is easy to replace and provide important structural performance features and benefits such as:

- Safety

Laminated glass with P.V.B inters layers resist penetration from impacts. When broken, the glass adheres to the P.V.B inter layer remaining relatively harmless unlike ordinary glass which may crate dangerous sharps.

- Sound Control

Laminated glass significantly reduces noise transmission. The viscoelastic properties of the P.V.B inter layer provides a dumping effect on unwanted noise.

- Energy Control

The use of laminated glass with tinted inter layer reduces
Heat gain from sunlight and can help reduce energy costs.

- UV Control

The (P.V.B) inter layer provides control of UV rays that
Damage draperies, art, furnishing, etc…

- Weather/Disastefcontrol

Laminated glass if broken either naturally or internationally made by man will remain in its frame and prevent damage to building interiors .the possibility of glass splinter is reduced and will protect people both inside and outside.

- Stability

Laminated glass is durable, maintaining color strength and other attributes for the building.

- Desing Versatility

Available in a wide variety of colors and thickness.
Laminated glass provides a range of design, safety and security solutions.

- Installallation Versatility

Unlike tempered glass, laminated annealed glass can be cut on site.

- Security

Laminated security glass with (P.V.B) inters layers offers intrusions resistance - from burglary or bullets, or explosions without compromising light transmissions and visibility.

- Application

Safety automotive windshield

- Safety glazing
- Acoustical glass
- Sloped glazing and skylights
- Building entrance
- Store fronts
- Displays cases
- Exterior and curtain walls
- Protection of stain glass, art work windows
- General building partitions for offices
- Balustrades
- Security glassing
- Bullet resistance glazing


Bullet Resistant Glass

Bulletproof glass is obtained by bonding several layers of glass with. Polyvinyl Butyral (P.V.B) The P.V.B in this case is more of soft glue which absorbs most of the energy by the bulk of the glass which will stop the bullet from penetrating .the more layers and thickness will give extra strength. Configuration depends on the type of ammunition, distance of shooting and level of energy developed by the gun\rifle. The extra layers of polycarbonate will give extra strength and prevent glass from splitting all over.

The chart below shows the different weapons and the relevant thickness required:

- Application

Bulletproof glass is use of the following:

VIP Cars and Vehicles
Military Vehicles
Currency Exchanges
Military Installations
Jewelry Shops



Curved Architectural Glass

The demand for curved laminated glass and tempered glass continue for the use of balustrades, domes, curtain walls, exhibitions and other, in this regard, Saudi lamino is the first and only company in the middle east producing curved laminated glass with sizes of up to .4500mm x 2300mm and a thickness from 6mm to 60 mm.


Stained Glass and Sandblasting Processing

Stained glass is simply manually using the best technics materials or by silkscreen printing operated by an automatic silkscreen machine. The paint being used is a ceramic paint with various types of colors, which is unscratchable if heated either by tempered or laminated process. It can withstand extreme climatic condition and its colors do not fade fro a long period of time even if it is exposed to sunlight. We have also developed an alternative for sandblasting which has the effect similar to that of real sandblasting. Silkscreen processing also does this process. The paint being used is a single pigment (white) ceramic paint and the characteristics are the same with the stained glass. In view of the, Saudi lamino is capable of producing many design and colors the client may need. We also make any design or engraving with sandblasting.



Buses & Coaches Windshield


Glass Furniture