The Saudi Lamino Co. Ltd. was established in 1987 with the technical cooperation of the largest automotive glass manufacturer in Finland. Saudi Lamino's commitment of attaining the best performance and technology transfer has prompted itself to import the machineries of the largest in technology. It is also conducting continuous training programs for the engineers and technicians.

We are proud of being the company of its kind in the kingdom to deal in laminated safety glass with P.V.B (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer. In spite of the short period since Saudi Lamino was able to compete fairly with international companies in the same field. As a matter of fact, the company's market share in Saudi Arabia is over 60% for the automotive windshields. We also got a remarkable share of GCC and other neighboring countries, as well as the other Middle East countries, African and Asian countries.

In addition to our success in the automotive glass, Saudi lamino the main supplier for laminated flat glass (with PVB), laminated curved glass, bullet resistant glass (composed of several layers of float glass, PVB and polycarbonate layers), tempered glass, stained glass and other types of glassing.

Among our clients are government institutions and departments in addition to major contracting companies.
Saudi Lamino has recently completed the third phase of expansion to accommodate the increasing capacity up to 500,000 units of windshields and 300,000 units of tempered backlites and sidelites.